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Nuclear Energy Map

This interactive map of all the nuclear power plants in the world allows the user to learn about nuclear energy’s contribution to the fight against global climate change, with the option of tweeting about the plant's contribution on twitter.

Explore the map, and check out the legend and glossary if you have any questions!

  • Operational plant
  • Closed or decommissioned plant or reactor(s)
  • Planed shutdown plant or reactor(s)
  • Nameplate capacity - also known Reference Unit Power, is the maximum electrical power, at which the power plant can generate electricity continuously throughout a prolonged period at ambient conditions after taking into consideration power needed for the operation of the plant.

    Average Annual Generation - electricity generated by a power plant per year averaged over a given period.

    This map shows the average annual generation of the power plant over the course of 10 years from 2008 to 2018. This is done, because several plants have been modified to produce more electricity over course of their lifetime. This means that they are now capable of producing more electricity than they used to, when they were first launched. 

    Some of the closed plants generated much less electricity than they could couple of years before shutting down. In such cases the period used in this map was chosen to reflect their normal output.

    Capacity Factor - also called Load Factor, for a given period, is the ratio of the energy which the power reactor unit has produced over that period divided by the energy it would have produced at its reference power capacity over that period.

    Like with the Average Annual Generation, the Capacity Factors for the plants have been averaged for a period of 10 years of optimal operation (in 2019 the average capacity factor for nuclear reactors in the US was 93.5%).

    CO2 Emissions Saved (Cars-eqv.) - CO2 that has not been emitted thanks to nuclear power, expressed in cars-the average annual carbon dioxide emissions of a car.

    For this map, the CO2 emissions saved are based on, what would happen, if the power plant were to be replaced by a natural gas-fired plant.

    All the data about electricity generation is taken from the IAEA PRIS database and the pictures of nuclear power plants in this map are NRC file photos.