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Generation Atomic is a network and forum of support for nuclear advocacy groups across North America and the world.


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Advocate of the Month - Justin Shannon

“We need a strategy to get Wall Street excited about nuclear in the same way that it’s excited about renewables”. This is just some of the wisdom you can gain from Justin Shannon, a nuclear advocate living in Alexandria, Virginia who works in finance in Washington, D.C. and donates his time to Generation Atomic as one of our volunteers. For him, the potential for nuclear is too exciting not to stand up for, which is why he publishes op-eds and letters to the editor to correct much of the incorrect information that makes its way into the headlines. And this is something that the nuclear community can always use. “The industry really doesn’t root for itself enough and it doesn’t know how to reframe the ‘safety’ sell - I mean, would you trust me with your money if I introduced myself by saying ‘hi, I work in finance and I’m super trustworthy’, it doesn’t work like that.”

While he was previously familiar with nuclear for some time, Justin got more deeply involved after watching Pandora’s Promise and the interviews it featured of skeptics who came around to the technology. The amount of clean energy that could be generated with these plants really captured his imagination and next-gen designs like molten salt reactors made him think about what will be possible once they get built. Among those possibilities are future “positive externalities” - the unintended good stuff that happens when you do something. “You know, there are these really cool solar-powered devices that clean the air - we call them trees - and it makes me happy that nuclear’s small footprint means we don’t have to cut them down.”