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Sign the Petition for Canadian nuclear

Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled


  • Canada is a party to the Paris Agreement whose goal is to keep global average temperature below 2°C and has agreed to CO2 emissions reductions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030;
  • The Integovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its four decarbonization pathways calls for an increase in nuclear power by 98-501% to avoid catastrophic climate impacts;
  • Nuclear Energy in Ontario provided 90% of the ultra-low emissions power to remove coal from the grid;
  • Nuclear Energy is the most environmentally friendly form of energy generation requiring a tiny fraction of the mining, processing and infrastructure compared to other sources of energy including renewables due to the energy density of its fuel which contains 1 million times more energy than fossil fuels;
  • Nuclear is the only form of energy that fully accounts for and contains its waste and that all of Canada’s spent nuclear fuel would fit inside 1 hockey rink piled 32 feet high;
  • Canadian Nuclear Energy plays a vital role in the COVID pandemic by producing the majority of the world’s Cobalt-60 in quantities sufficient to sterilize 20 billion masks, gloves or COVID-19 swabs; and
  • Nuclear Energy provides high paying jobs to 60,000 Canadians with a 95% made in Canada supply chain.

We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to

1. Uphold its commitments under the Paris Agreement by maintaining and expanding its CANDU nuclear reactor fleet in Canada and abroad; and

2. Continue to support research and deployment of small modular reactors.

Sign it here: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-2962