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Build a Micro Reactor at Canadian Nuclear Labs

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Comment guide for the Environmental Assessment of Global First Power’s Micro Modular Reactor Application to the CNSC

Topics under the purview of the environmental assessment

  1. Ways that the proposed facility might affect the local environment both positively and negatively(this includes operations, construction, and eventual decommissioning/remediation.
  2. Ways that the proposed facility might impact any known or unknown areas or objects of historical significance
  3. Ways that the proposed facility could impact the economic situation of people in the local areas (employment, second order interactions from environmental impacts…)
  4. How the proposed facility will influence human and animal traffic in the local area
  5. How to integrate historical Indigenous knowledge into the project, and alternative methods of providing all the same benefits that the project will attempt to provide, or alternative methods to advance the project using indigenous knowledge for operational abilities or construction.

    Topics we want to get covered in the open comments, and examples of each
  1. Describe how the project will have the absolute minimal negative impact on the surrounding area. (land, water, construction, fuel handling, decommissioning, historical sites) Do NOT gloss over potential negatives but instead showcase them and answer how they can/are addressed
  1. Passive and inherent safety means that only a minimal Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) is required. The site boundary is enough. (The fence equals EPZ)
  2. Fuel lasts lifetime of reactor (no refuelling outages every 18 months)
  3. Spent fuel from GFP can be stored on-site without the potential of water contamination (due to SiC cladding)
  4. The reactor doesn’t use water as a coolant or anywhere near the core, so no impact on local marine life.

Describe alternative sources of potential benefit from the project aside from basic electricity providing. Eg. Novel applications for heat, or other energy that are unique to the design of the project.

  1. Water purification
  2. Carbon neutral synfuels
  3. District heat
  4. Chemical reaction process heat
  5. Smaller denser energy sources allow smaller distributed manufacturing
  6. Vertical farming/local agriculture
  7. Local aquaponics farms

Explore potential questions of future applications for this design that can be explored conclusively in this project. 

  1. self-sufficiency of power production for isolated microgrids
  2. non-electric methods of utilizing waste heat
  3. methods of utilizing excess electricity that would benefit local communities more than simply selling electricity back to the main grid.

Explore applications that do not provide immediate profit returns but instead allow for other profit or non-profit employers to subsist effectively off of what is provided from the reactor. Showcase that second and third-order benefits can arise and lay-out potential paths for how to encourage them.

  1. Cheap heating/electricity for group/subsidized housing
  2. Internship/apprenticeship possibilities for students
  3. Additional tax dollars for schools
  4. STEM education opportunities

Note how pursuing the project can benefit the CNL in terms of opening new fields of research for them to pull in funding to explore thoroughly with this project

  1. Creation of local endowment funds from extra profits from selling electricity
  2. Sale of shares in company to communities that build reactors

And of course, detail how nuclear energy such as this reactor can displace fossil fuels.

  1. Right now we’re dependent on fossil fuels to back up renewables. Batteries require more mining with no additional power generation. Reactors like the MMR can be the backup source.
  2. Over 20 years, this reactor would displace X amount of diesel fuel/propane/natgas 
  3. Electricity savings over diesel burning
  4. “High capex, Low opex” vs “Low capex, High opex”

Comments must be submitted by JUNE 1 2020

RSVP For Happy Hour Comment Writing session: bit.ly/mmrhappyhour

Submit comment here: https://bit.ly/gfpmmr

The form requires the intervener to provide the following information: 

Date of hearing: June, 2020

Licensee/Applicant: Global First Power

Subject: Decision on the scope of an environmental assessment of the proposed Micro Modular Reactor Project at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd., in Chalk River 

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