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Support the American Nuclear Infrastructure Act

The 2020 American Nuclear Infrastructure Act is an effort led by Senator John Barrasso to support the development and deployment of American nuclear energy technologies. The bill intends to support American energy, security, and economic future by:

Reestablishing American International Competitiveness and Global Leadership by:

  • Empowering the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to lead in international forums to develop regulations for advanced nuclear reactor designs.

And expanding Advanced Nuclear Technologies by;

  • Making the permitting process for advanced nuclear more predictable and efficient.
  • Requiring the NRC to identify and update regulatory barriers to enable advanced nuclear technologies to reduce industrial emissions.
  • Identifying modern manufacturing techniques to build nuclear reactors better, faster, cheaper, and smarter.

And Preserving Existing Nuclear Energy; by

  • Authorizing a targeted credit program to preserve nuclear plants at risk of prematurely shutting down.
  • Modernizing outdated rules that restrict investment in nuclear energy.
  • Revitalizing America’s Nuclear Supply Chain Infrastructure.
  • Helping develop the advanced nuclear fuels needed to power 21st century nuclear reactor designs.
  • Authorizes a uranium reserve to ensure America does not lose the capacity to fuel its nuclear reactors with American fuel.

Email, tweet, and/or Call your senator or representative and voice your support of this bill!

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Read the bill here.