It’s not always a pretty sight when it comes to nuclear in the headlines: misinformation, twisted words, and hysteria tend to dominate the conversation. That’s why we wanted to zoom in to the local level to see how these nuclear plants stood up to the ultimate test, customer reviews. We waded through the jokes about 7-fingered hands (and encyclopedic explanations of why that would never happen) to bring you the best:

Palo Verde Generating Station - Tonopah, Arizona, USA

Ahmad Mansour (5 stars): “No coal ash 10/10 would consume electricity any day”

Jason Hawthorne, Local Guide (5 stars): “I keep coming back. The electricity here is great.”

David (5 stars): “Didn’t give me superpowers but still pretty awesome”

Tennessee Valley Authority Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant - Athens, Alabama, USA

George Perry (5 stars):  “They produce high quality electricity, great for popping corn or heating/cooling your house.”

South Texas Nuclear Generating Station - Wadsworth, Texas, USA

Connor Petersen (4 stars): “I HAVE NO ISSUE WITH NUCLEAR POWER... I DO HOW EVER HAVE A PROBLEM WITH GODZILLA. LOOK AT YOUR COVER PICTURE, DO YOU WANT GODZILLA????  BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOU GET HIM! (in case they take the picture down, there is a 10 ft gater chillin on the bank of the cooling reservoir with the reactors in the background)”

Susquehanna Steam Electric Station - Berwick, Pennsylvania

Nicholas Cook (5 stars): “Make that cheese boyy”

EDF Energy Hinkley Point Power Station - Bridgwater, UK

Jonny Troy (3 stars): “I was most unsatisfied with the view which some people said was sufficient. However, overall I enjoyed my stay but would have liked a gift shop. I'm a big gift shop fan.”

Centre Nucléaire de Production d'Électricité de Gravelines - Gravelines, France

Jexd07 Moi (5 stars): “Electricity works well so 5/5”

Novovoronezhskaya Aes - Voronezh Oblast, Russia

Антон и Дима (5 stars): “My dad works there”

Dukovany Nuclear Power Station - Dukovany, Czech Republic

Nils O (5 stars): “Great! I like nuclear energy! Some things happened, but today it is very safe!”

Clinton Power Station - Clinton, Illinois, US

Max Mitchell (5 stars): “Good nuclear power plant”

Diablo Canyon Power Plant - Avila Beach, California, US

Benjamin Torres (5 stars): “im just here to enjoy comment section.”

Pilgrim Nuclear Station - Plymouth, MA, USA

R L (4 stars): Great date spot! Took off one star because they don't give tours.

Genkai Nuclear Power Plant - Genkai

Shikum Rohine, Local guide (5 stars): “You feel the strength”