Notes from the Field, Week 6 - OH Expansion

As we finish out Week 6, we bring to you the first Gen A field report from our new homes in Mentor and Akron. With Eric, Tay, Grant, and Sam rotating home for a week to work remotely (and sleep in non-inflatable beds), the organizers stepped up their leadership as Gen A expanded its efforts to two new sites of action and staffed a Rapid Response team. Their efforts have been nothing short of admirable. Despite bringing on new canvassers and moving to a new location (Akron) not in the shadow of a cooling tower, the field team has continued to defy expectations with a near-60% supporter conversion. As the field team continues to up its intensity on the doors and bring back stellar supporter conversion rates, we rapidly lay the groundwork to move forward and pass legislation to save Davis-Besse and Perry.


“One of my doors was an elderly woman who had returned from the hospital hours earlier after hearing she had thyroid cancer.  I talked with her for half an hour about her worries for the future of the community if the Perry plant closes. Even though she usually doesn’t get involved in politics, she signed down because she sees what we’re doing as the only way our generation can forge our own path through turbulence and uncertainty: small organizations doing good, honest work for no reason other than that it’s just what’s right. Although in immense physical pain, she felt some solace telling her story on behalf of her community and grandchildren.”

- Amelia Tiemann, Organizer



  • Despite the transition to new areas and training in new local canvassers, both teams were able to increase door attempts while maintaining high conversion rates.
  • As anticipated, we are seeing a very high attrition rate for canvassers. We have moved to compensate by altering our screening and hiring process.



This week Generation Atomic was getting its moorings in two new targets - the Akron and Perry area. We were pleased to see our above average supporter conversion rates hold after transitioning into completely different, uncharted terrain. Our attempts were the highest they have ever been by nearly 500 doors. Due to shifted targets, postcards were not completely available, depressing our Wednesday and Thursday action rates. As we continue training new canvassers, and ramping up our operations, the number of attempts should increase further while the conversation rates hold steady.