Notes from the Field, Week 5 - Sandusky, OH

This field report comes to you just one day after the closure of another nuclear power plant was announced-- Three Mile Island. Without legislation to correct a distorted energy market from subsidies and fracking, nuclear plants will continue to struggle in deregulated markets. Without nuclear energy, communities will lose their life blood, and more kids will get asthma. And without Generation Atomic, these communities may struggle to find their voice before it’s too late. That’s why this week was so important. People power. That’s what we proved in Ohio’s 89th District. When a talented team dedicates almost every waking moment to giving the communities around these nuclear plants a voice-- they are heard. The video of Rep. Arndt publicly proclaiming his support for saving Davis-Besse makes clear the power that 1100 handwritten postcards can have. Watch for yourself. The first phase of our first campaign is in the books. Now, we move to other parts of Ohio to ratchet up the pressure on more legislators that are critical to saving Davis-Besse.


“My second day of canvassing ever I learned that it is more about getting into a conversation with the community members and talking to them about their interests and concerns about the plants. There was one house where I sat down with the homeowner on his porch and talked for forty-five minutes about the strengths of nuclear energy and the great benefits it has not only to the communities around them but also the world in general.”

- Chase Blaeser, Organizer



Rep. Arndt has publicly committed to voting for the ZEN bill if it passes through the Public Utilities Committee in the House. (Video)

Rep. Steve Arndt proudly holds up a Generation Atomic shirt after proclaiming he will do all in his power to save Davis-Besse and Perry.



This was a short week with the Catawba Island Event, but the field team will still able to make over 1000 attempts. Overall the field team made over 6000 attempts and had nearly 2000 pro-nuclear conversations, covering all of Sandusky, Port Clinton, and Oak Harbor proper as well as several small communities in Erie and Ottawa counties. This concludes our action in Sandusky.



  • A final Think and Drink was held in Oak Harbor on 5/23 and was attended by over 40 community residents. Jamie Beier Grant provided the headline address.
  • A rally to Save Davis-Besse was held at the Catawba Island Brewing Company on 5/25 with over 100 people attending, including many plant workers. Speakers included Jamie Beier Grant, Andrew Frank (OURS), Brian Boles, and Rep. Steve Arndt.



Grassroots Activists Aim to Save Davis-Besse from Closure 

Generation Atomic Holding Events to Save Davis-Besse