Notes from the Field, Week 4 - Sandusky, OH

As week 4 comes to a close we find ourselves at the peak of our organizing and canvassing game, but with a murkier legislative pathway to victory. On Thursday, hearings on the ZEN bill were suspended, despite sending nearly 1000 postcards to local representatives about the importance of the legislation to Ohio's jobs, schools, energy security, and environment. Next month we look to other regions of Ohio critical to keeping these two plants running.


“We’ve spent a few days talking to people in Oak Harbor, the town that will be most directly affected by the plant closing down. It seems like everyone there knows a plant employee, whether it’s a friend, family member, or themselves. Many people expressed worries about the future of the town: they worried that Oak Harbor would be hit hard and become a ‘ghost town’. One man assuredly told me ‘without Davis-Besse, this town’s gonna die.'”

- Dan Szetela, Field Organizer


  • We continue to build the critical mass needed to pass legislation to keep Davis-Besse and Perry running.  Our team continues to grow and size and ability every week.
  • We added an app feature to call state legislators this week, and additional videos and quizzes to help people learn more about nuclear.


Gen A canvassers attempted more doors this week than any previous week. Supporter conversion and action rates have settled at 60%.


Events last week:

  • Benton Carroll Salem  50th Anniversary Celebration (5/21)
  • Davis-Besse Plant Tour (5/19)
  • Think and Drink Port Clinton (5/16)



Gen A summer intern Robby Kile was interviewed at the BCS 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Check it out here. 

Multiple press releases were also sent out to local press regarding the Think and Drink events.

Keep fighting the good fight,

Gen A team