Notes from the Field, Week 3 - Sandusky, OH

Week 3 is in the books and we continue gaining momentum. It’s becoming clearer to everyone who hears about the issue the magnitude of the jobs and clean energy at stake. Hopefully the legislators in Columbus will understand the gravity as well.


“I’m an extremely shy guy who started doing this work because I care about climate change. It only took me one day of talking to folks in the community to make this more of a personal cause about jobs and schools. You see, I don’t have a much of a reason to have skin in this fight, but I can’t help but become personally invested after meeting hundreds of people that signed down as supporters, even after admitting they don’t have kids in the local schools or know anyone that works at Davis-Besse.  It’s these folks, who want nothing more than to help their fellow Ohioans (and by extension nuclear energy) that inspire me every single day.”

- Charlie Hansler, Field Organizer


  • More residents are becoming aware that the plant is truly in danger of closing. Response at the doors in Port Clinton has been overwhelming. Many want to get involved in saving the plant. Our canvassers are reporting that they have been hugged and/or offered beverages or other tokens of gratitude for their efforts. 


Numbers rebounded this week with a near 64% supporter conversion rate. Action rates at the doors continue to trend upward. Attempts were below expectations due to direct requests to divert resources for other projects. We expect attempts to settle out at around 1500-1750 per week from staff, netting 300-350 supporters per week. With community knocks, our goal is to identify 1500 supporters by the end of our first engagement on 5/25.



Community Canvass with our beloved volunteers
  • Hosted a “Think and Drink” at Small City Tap House on 5/9. Additional seating was required to accommodate all guests who attended. Dave Amerine (a local resident and nuclear expert, former VP at D-B) and Eric Wobser (Sandusky City Manager) made remarks. A second Think and Drink is scheduled for 5/16 at Catawba Island Brewing Company in Port Clinton. Invitations to attend have been extended to Jamie Beier Grant, Jim Sass, Guy Parmigian, and the event has been promoted on the doors and via a press release sent to the Sandusky Register.
  • Held a Community Door Knock in Port Clinton on 5/13. We have a second community knock in Port Clinton and a knock in Oak Harbor scheduled for 5/20.
Think & Drink at Small City Taphouse



Eric, Tay, Tracy, Sam, Amelia, Grant, Jon, Charlie, Shaun, Scott, Yihoon, Kevin, Katelyn, Tyler.