Notes from the Field, Week 2 - Sandusky, OH

Week 2 is in the books, and morale remains high. On a typical morning you can find three Gen A team members doing yoga, another making breakfast for the team, and two others poring over a map and hatching the plan for the day. Make no mistake-- this work is hard, and we all know what’s at stake for this community and the environment if we can’t get the ZEN bill passed-- knowing this, and knowing that the guy across the street has your back makes the 7th hour of canvassing in 45 degrees and rain just a little easier. Here’s our second field report.


“My time with Gen A has boosted my self-confidence and I enjoy working with a team that cares about each other. I lost my job about a week ago and my mom passed away about a month ago, so when [Gen A Organizing Director] Tay came to my door and offered me a job after all I had been through these last couple months ... it was the boost that I needed. I thank all of the Gen A team for the opportunity to work for a good cause.” 

- Shawn Puder, Canvasser


  • The use of the Atomic Action App was seamlessly implemented into the canvassing program Tuesday.  Data is now automatically logged (including address locations) for all supporters.  External batteries for recharging phones on the go have been critical to allowing canvassers to go out for long shifts.
  • A follow-up phonebank with ANS students from across the country was held on Thursday. 276 calls were made to supporters to thank them for signing down in support and invite them to upcoming events. Response was very positive and these phonebanks will continue weekly with ANS MI-OH local chapter members.
  • Supporter conversion dipped 10% from week one’s data overall, primarily at the end of the week. During this period, four new canvassers were trained in, contributing to lower conversion numbers - these are expected to move up with practice and experience.  Further, our two organizers tested clipboarding methods - one serving as a control by pushing hard to put their phone into the prospect’s hands at the outset of the conversation, and the other serving as the experiment by utilizing the postcard action as an introduction and handing their phone with the app loaded at the end of the conversation. Though action conversions did increase, these increases were linked more to practice with the postcard and did not justify the sharp decline in supporter conversion.
  • Action conversions continue to be high. Over 400 postcards have been sent to Representative Arndt and Senator Gardner.



5-9-17 Think and Drink: Davis-Besse - Small City Taphouse, Sandusky, OH

5-25-17 Save Davis-Besse Party - Catawba Island Brewing, Port Clinton, OH


No press hits this week.

Keep fighting the good fight,

The Team at Gen A

(Eric, Tay, Amelia, Tyler, Charlie, Sam, Jon, Kevin, Grant, Yihoon, Scott, Shawn, and more soon!)