Notes from the Field, Week 16 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic is making nuclear cool! The team hosted a plant tour and focus group with a Suzanne Jawoworski, Senior Adviser to Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, about what young people think about nuclear power and how to best inform them of the potential of our largest carbon free source of energy. The team also hosted a stakeholder meeting with a local representative, and continued to knock the cover off of the ball canvassing. See the full report here.




  • The Generation Atomic team created a relationship with  a Senior Advisor at the Department of Energy, hosting her on a plant tour at Davis-Besse as well as a focus group pertaining to the “Make Nuclear Cool” campaign.
  • The Freemont team laid the groundwork for a successful Think & Drink, with very limited canvassing resources and a minimal digital budget
  • Canvassers had a low number of attempts, but the highest number of actions for the campaign
  • Generation Atomic facilitated a stakeholder meeting with local business CEOs, labor leaders, industry professionals and Representative John Rogers
  • Generation Atomic took part in Safety Day at the Perry Nuclear Plant collecting an additional 104 postcards and garnering dozens of app downloads and supporters.  Support was especially high from children concerned about having to move if the plants were to close.


A low attempt count was counteracted by the highest action conversion rate of the Ohio campaign.  It took the team an average of four attempts to get one postcard.  Additional budget has been allocated to recruiting and hiring.