Notes from the Field, Week 15 - OH Expansion

Operations expanded into new legislative districts this week, realizing only a small dip in efficiency after the most efficient week of the expansion campaign. A field office was established in Freemont, and the team saw unprecedented participation from labor and plant workers. Gen A also hosted an event which attracted a target legislator and brought constituents and stakeholders together to have a conversation about Ohio nuclear. A long summer of doorknocking appears to be bearing fruit as we continue to facilitate the conversations needed to inform constituents and legislators on the issues at hand.



-Expansions into Fremont and Allen County are proceeding on schedule.

-A scramble to work around a server error from a third party vendor,  and a definition issue lead to an unusually high refusal rate over the weekend. We continue to seek ways to improve and add resiliency to our systems.

-Efficiency numbers (Sup/Attempt and Act/Attempt) took a small dip off of the most efficient week of the campaign, but still remained high.

-Generation Atomic hosted a think and drink which attracted several community and labor leaders, a target legislator, and several of her constituents and facilitated an engaging conversation between these stakeholders.


Efficiency saw a small dip, but remained high, as the team continued into new districts.  The campaign is now approaching 4000 postcards sent from doorknocking, and officially surpassed that number after accounting for cards sent from events and plant workers.