Notes from the Field, Week 13 - OH Expansion

The trend of continuous improvement continued into week 13, with the data team and field team working closely to discover and capitalize on opportunities to improve efficiency. Grassroots organizing is lean and fast paced by nature, and finding a way to maximize resources is important to delivering results in a campaign, and the Generation Atomic ground team has done a great job shuffling those resources and delivering those results.




  • Field Team operations focused on canvassing Highland Square in preparation for the August 2nd Think & Drink, and also made their first incursion into Senate District 22 (Larry Obhof). Numbers were strong in both areas, and all indications point to continued success in both locations.
  • Organizing operations in Akron have been, and will continue to be,  focused on community engagement.



The canvassing team is transitioning to a Sunday - Wednesday schedule after analysis uncovered inefficiencies when canvassing on Thursday and Friday.  At home rates and supporters/door both continued to increase as the canvassing team continues to tighten its operations, as well as train and retain high performing employees.   

A new system for cutting turf was implemented, allowing organizers to remotely cut turf and visualize attempts.  Features are currently being developed to layer this data with publicly available demographic data, allowing organizers to analyze the canvassing model with different subsets of the population.




This weeks winner of the Generation Atomic activism competition was John Morrone, a Nuclear Power Technology Student from Tiffin, OH.  John racked up the most Atomic Points for the week by learning about nuclear through videos on the Atomic Action App, and contacting his representatives asking them to support nuclear in Ohio.

John will be receiving a GenA t-shirt.  Keep checking in on Atomic Action for your chance to win next week.