Generation Atomic is working to change the culture and build a movement to support nuclear energy. Here's how:

Informing the Public

Encouraging Advocacy

Improving Messaging

December 2016

Eric and Tay found Generation Atomic, signing the Articles of Incorporation at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

January-March 2017

Generation Atomic pilots its grassroots door-knocking model in Pittsburgh and State College, Pennsylvania. Part-time organizers and volunteer canvassers from Penn State make up the first Gen A Field Team.

April 2017

Generation Atomic launches their mobile app, 'Atomic Action' at the ANS Student Conference. The app offers supporters the chance to take action on nuclear issues, and serves as the backbone of field operations.

Generation Atomic leads the nuclear delegation at the highly publicized March for Science in Washington D.C.

May 2017

Generation Atomic launches its Ohio ZEN campaign to save Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants out of a cramped duplex in Sandusky, OH. After five weeks of grassroots, door-to-door campaigning in the OH 89th, Rep. Steve Arndt announces his support for the Ohio ZEN bill.

June-August 2017

Generation Atomic expands its Ohio ZEN campaign to a headquarters in Akron, organizing in six counties across northern Ohio. In addition to canvassing, the team holds a series of "Think and Drink" events across the state, garnering hundreds of attendees. Gen A also logistically supports the "NUCLEAR: What it Means to Ohio" symposium held in Columbus and organizes at the Allen and Stark county fairs.

In July, Eric speaks on the plenary panel at the National WIN Conference, inspiring a 21 year old student to ask her fellow audience members to contact their legislators and ask them to support nuclear. This action results in 1,300 emails to local and state legislators.

September 2017

The team concludes its campaign in Ohio after garnering more than 9000 actions and a contact list of more than 5000 Ohio nuclear supporters. The first annual "Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station Car Show and Family Fun Day" is spearheaded by a Generation Atomic volunteer and brings 3000+ attendees to the plant.

The bill that would save Ohio's two nuclear plants "HB 178" - which was originally introduced with only one sponsor - is re-introduced as HB 381-- now with sixteen co-sponsors.

October 2017

Generation Atomic organizes at the world premiere of The New Fire in Indianapolis, with special guests from the US Department of Energy. The film documents several advanced nuclear start-ups and features Eric singing opera about nuclear at the Paris Climate talks in 2015. 

Tay and Sam attend the Millennial Nuclear Caucus roundtable meeting hosted by the US Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry. Tay and Sam also speak at the ANS Winter Conference.

November 2017

Gen A heads to Germany for COP23 to team up with Nuclear 4 Climate and a host of pro-nuclear NGOs from around the world. Tay, Eric, and Grant hold conversations at the group's booth in the Bonn Zone; Tay speaks at the official Side Event held at the Turkish Pavilion.

Sundance-nominated filmmaker Frankie Fenton documents "A Seat at the Table," a Generation Atomic-led, forum-style discussion at the entry of the Sustainable Innovation Forum, which had reneged on a sponsorship agreement with the World Nuclear Association.

December 2017

Generation Atomic runs its first "Atomic Winter" fundraising drive, collecting contributions from nuclear advocates around the globe.

January 2018

Generation Atomic returns to Ohio to promote and provide logistical support for the second Millennial Nuclear Caucus, hosted by NEI and the Department of Energy. The team spends a week on campus at Ohio State University organizing legislative visits, giving advocacy trainings, and connecting with hundreds of students. The Department of Energy features Eric and the work of Gen A in a promotional video.

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Social Media

Average Facebook Post Reach
Monthly Twitter Mentions

Direct Action

"Write your OH legislator urging support for ZEN"


Event Attendees



Top Digital Action

"Petition UNEP to allow nuclear at the Sustainable Innovation Forum"


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Top Volunteers 2017

Tonia Hatcher

Project Manager

  • Project Manager at First Energy
  • Produced Davis-Besse Car Show and Safety Day
  • 3000+ attendees at the plant
  • 175+ classic cars

Scott Medwid


  • Volunteered to knock hundreds of doors
  • Built a pro nuclear float for "Ohio Bike Week"
  • Donated supplies to the team's first campaign

John Greenwood

Nuclear Engineer

  • Nuclear Engineer with First Energy
  • Organized Nuclear: What it means to Ohio symposium
  • 250 stakeholders testified to legislators at the Ohio Statehouse

Using Data to Drive Messaging

2018 Initiatives

Informing the Public

  • Producing pro-nuclear public events
  • Increasing social media reach
  • Releasing "Gen A Advanced" video series
  • Organizing pro-nuclear communities on college campuses

Encouraging Advocacy

  • Attending industry conferences and events
  • Improving Web-based advocacy tools
  • Improving our mobile application - Atomic Action

Improving Messaging

  • Producing advocacy training events and seminars
  • Collecting and analyzing data on messaging and supporters
  • Partnering with universities and other NGO's to conduct messaging research
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