Advanced Nuclear Energy has the potential to usher in a whole new era of peace and prosperity around the world.

Advanced Nuclear Energy

The reactors of tomorrow hold tremendous potential to raise the developing world out of poverty, preventing the worst effects of climate change, and solve some of our greatest challenges. Learn more below.

Energy to Feed the World: Nuclear Power vs Meat

We have the technology to turn energy into food. With abundant clean energy from nuclear power, we can feed the world.

Carbon free gas, diesel, and jet fuel -- With Advanced Reactors

Transportation today is dominated by fossil fuels, making it a strong contributor to climate change. In order to continue transportation at current levels, something must be done to decarbonize movement of people and goods.

Advanced reactors may help save the world.

Life in the twenty-first century is better than at any point in history. Today’s standard of living in developed nations is higher than that of even the wealthiest of individuals from a mere two hundred years ago. Despite the great wealth of many nations, the world still faces great challenges such as climate change and access to basic and advanced resources in the developing world.

How to get unlimited freshwater from the ocean

The UN and many other Governments believe that water scarcity will be one of the defining issues of the 21st century. We live in a world with an increasingly unpredictable climate with both droughts and floods becoming the norm.

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