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Ericcircle.pngERIC G. MEYER


Eric Meyer is a veteran of political, union, and issue campaigns. After hearing about the promise of advanced nuclear, he switched paths from being a professional opera singer to becoming a professional organizer for nuclear energy.  He has a B.A. in Vocal Music and a Masters in Advocacy and Political Leadership from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and began his nuclear work by organizing pro-nuclear environmental marches and trainings in California, New York, and Illinois.





Tay Stevenson is a cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College with degrees in Government and Philosophy. He brings to Generation Atomic nearly a decade of political organizing and nonprofit leadership as a former two-time candidate for the Minnesota State Senate and Executive Director of the Lakes Area Restorative Justice Project; Stevenson's previous role was as Director of Campaigns for FairVote Minnesota. Stevenson was recognized as the Minnesota's DFL Candidate of the Year (2010) and one of the Minnesota Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans (2012).





Sam Brewer started his career as a member of the Los Angeles start-up ecosystem, working with early stage start-ups to refine business models and create scalable processes.  After getting involved in politics during the 2016 election, he found that his experience dealing with lean and remote start-up teams translated well to the world of organizing.  Sam studied econometrics and public policy at Indiana University, where he wrote his first paper as an undergrad on the benefits of Nuclear Power.



Board of Directors




Lenka Kollar is the Director of Business Strategy at NuScale Power where she is working to bring NuScale’s small modular reactor to market through business plan development and clean energy outreach. She was recently invited to speak by the United Nations at the Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Morocco on energy innovation and the potential of small modular reactors to provide electricity and clean water to developing countries. Previously, Ms. Kollar was an Associate Communication Officer at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) where she handled external and internal communication for the Department of Nuclear Energy. Prior to that, she consulted with public and private sector organizations on nuclear energy policy, public communications, and marketing strategy, along with writing an informational nuclear energy blog called Nuclear Undone. Ms. Kollar also served as a technical associate in non-proliferation policy at the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration and at Argonne National Laboratory. She obtained her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University in the U.S. and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD in France, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Ms. Kollar has been extensively involved with the American Nuclear Society for several years, serving in various committee and executive positions focusing on nonproliferation and public outreach. She is also the current Communication Chair of the International Youth Nuclear Congress.


genegrechuck.pngEugene S. Grecheck is a seasoned executive with 40 years of experience in commercial nuclear power generation, including operations, engineering, licensing, training, security and emergency planning, new plant development, and nuclear safety review. Grecheck’s career spanned over 38 years with Dominion Resources, where he held positions including nuclear station manager, site vice president at two different stations, and vice president over nuclear services and nuclear engineering. For over a decade, he led Dominion’s new plant development activities, including cooperative agreements with the DOE on NP2010, and submittal of applications for an Early Site Permit and a Combined Operating License for the proposed North Anna Unit 3. 


canoncircle.pngCanon Bryan has held executive management positions, served as chief financial officer and served on boards of directors for private and public companies in Canada and the USA. Mr. Bryan has considerable experience providing M&A and corporate development services to clients in various industries. Since 2004, he has focused primarily on the nuclear fuel and exotic metals sectors, and has extensive corporate development databases in these industries. Mr. Bryan was a founding shareholder of: Terrestrial Energy (January 2013), a company developing a proprietary molten salt reactor ready for deployment in the 2020s. NioCorp (NB: TSXV) (October 2009), a company developing the largest niobium deposit in North America; Uranium Energy Corp (UEC: AMEX) (August 2004) where he served as VP Corporate Development until October 2007. UEC is a producer of ISR uranium in the USA. Previously Mr. Bryan was a senior financial analyst for Lasik Vision Corporation (LSK: CDNX), which became the world’s largest provider of laser refractive surgical services during his tenure.


danielcurtis.pngDaniel is a member of the Board of Directors of Generation Atomic. He studies energy policy, electricity markets, and nuclear plant design as a PhD candidate in the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. He seeks to improve the economic competitiveness of current and near future nuclear power plants, and to improve our strategies for nuclear energy research and development, through better understanding of federal and state energy policies, decarbonization strategies, and deregulated markets for electricity. Daniel has extensive leadership and government advocacy experience with several organizations, including the American Nuclear Society (ANS), MIT Graduate Student Council (MIT GSC), and BEST Robotics, Inc. (BRI). Daniel has led policy advocacy campaigns and policy analysis on a wide range of topics, including federal funding for basic scientific research, carbon emissions, funding for nuclear engineering education, civil rights, and immigration reform.



Rod Adams gained a deep understanding of nuclear technology and its value while serving as an engineering officer in the US Navy submarine force. He began sharing his knowledge and passion for the technology by creating Atomic Insights in 1995. The publication has been on line ever since and has become a respected source of atomic energy information. Rod also produces and hosts the Atomic Show podcast. ​​



Nicholas is a PhD student studying Nuclear Engineering and Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. For his PhD, he is studying nuclear data, and capture cross sections in particular. Nicholas is a strong supporter of nuclear energy, and believes that all forms of clean energy will be needed to address climate change. He is also an active member in the American Nuclear Society, a Senior Reactor Operator at the Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility, and an avid skier. ​​



Aries Loumis is a nuclear engineering student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  He is the current American Nuclear Society Student Section President, sits on the board of the Student Sustainability Leadership Committee, and is also an active member of many environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club.  His motivation to become a nuclear engineer came purely from a desire to make the world a better place, and his advocacy efforts have significantly contributed to saving nuclear in Illinois. @atomicaristides


KRISTINZAITZ.pngKristin Zaitz is a civil engineer and project manager specializing in seismic analysis and design at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in San Luis Obispo, and is co-founder of Mothers for Nuclear.




Timothy Crook is driven and passionate about all things nuclear, but seeing the next generation of reactors built in America has been his dream since coming into the nuclear field.  But the future can't happen if the current generation of nuclear power dies because of flawed policies! Timothy helped organize the inaugural Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp, and is also active nationally in the American Nuclear Society (ANS). Mechanical engineering MS & nuclear engineering BS from Texas A&M University where he participated in the Nuclear Engineering Student Advisory Council also served as ANS chapter president and student conference co-chair. @TimothyMCrook 












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