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Taylor's Officially Old and 'Atomic Winter' is Coming

Sam Brewer
December 11, 2017

The holidays are a special and busy time for all of us. Decision fatigue can creep in when coordinating travel, preparing to host friends and family, and deciding who to disappoint on Christmas day -- your parents or inlaws. To compound your yuletide stress, you have to find the perfect gift for Tay Stevenson, our Managing Director, who turns 30 today.

"Never wait for the Federal Government..." - DOE Reflections

Tay Stevenson
October 29, 2017

“Never wait for the federal government…” To anyone who understands the implied punchline of the old adage I’m from the government, and I’m here to help, there is not a lot of wisdom in those six words. As is custom now to start a meeting at the DOE, I had covered growing up in the rural north woods of Brainerd, Minnesota and my various scars received playing rugby for Dartmouth. Alyse Scurlock’s Florida Gators has been trashed for losing to the Aggies and Caroline Cochran’s Oklahoma roots exhumed to hash over the border rivalry with Texas. That is when US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry asked the assembled Millennials around his private conference table what we would do if we were sitting in his chair.

How "One Less Nuclear Plant" is the Saddest Goal in Environmentalism.

Eric Meyer
October 29, 2017

South Korea, climate talks, and why nuclear advocates need to be in the room. Last week marked an important victory for nuclear energy in South Korea. In a stunning reversal, a jury of nearly 500 South Koreans chose to continue the construction of two nuclear reactors. Our friends at Environmental Progress have been on the case for months and played an important role in providing data that helped frame up exactly what was at stake the country. Just weeks after leaving Environmental Progress last November, I went to Marrakesh, Morrocco to assist in the COP22 efforts. Here is my journal entry from back then, with some mild editing for length and clarity.

Generation Atomic's Comment on the Recent NOPR

Tay Stevenson
October 23, 2017

Generation Atomic submitted an official comment on the US Department Of Energy's recent Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. You can read the full transcript of the comment here.

Faces of Nuclear - David Schumacher

Eric Meyer
October 14, 2017

If scientists announced today the discovery of a brand new technology that could prevent catastrophic climate change, it would be celebrated the world over in the same way as the Apollo 11 moon landing. Yet, we already have discovered a technology with similar virtue: nuclear energy. David Schumacher is the director of The New Fire, a new independent documentary that explores the work of young nuclear engineers and entrepreneurs developing next-generation nuclear reactors. These young innovators are leading the fight to bring advanced nuclear to the forefront of the climate discussion. The film presents the powerful story behind the creative brilliance of these small groups hoping to provide clean and safe solutions to the world’s energy needs, as they try to bring their reactors to market.

Notes from the Field, Week 23 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
October 4, 2017

As we wrap up our campaign in Ohio, we leave you with Atomic Report: Week 7, featuring the Davis-Besse car show and safety day.

Notes from the Field, Week 22 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
September 26, 2017

It was an unexpectedly hot week as we moved out of summer and into fall in Northeastern Ohio. The canvassing team continued its march, and the team is closing in on a total of 10,000 postcards sent to local legislators this summer. Enjoy this version of the Atomic Report.

Six years after Fukushima, Japanese Policy Commission wants more nuclear energy

Ben DeNardo
September 19, 2017

Japan has a checkered history with nuclear fission. As the first and only country to be bombed by nuclear weapons, Japan has more reason than most to fear the effects of splitting the atom. In 2011 the Fukushima Tsunami and subsequent meltdown seemed to confirm these deep seeded fears that many had about the dangers of nuclear. After Fukushima Japan shut down its fleet of reactors, though slowly some are being brought back online.

Notes from the Field, Week 21 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
September 19, 2017

Another weekly report from Northeast Ohio. Check out this week's atomic report and be sure to take action to save nuclear in Ohio.

Faces of Nuclear - Meridith Angwin

Amelia Tiemann
September 15, 2017

Meredith Angwin is a devoted nuclear advocate and author of the recent award-winning book Campaigning for Clean Air. Her book is designed to help people get started with their own nuclear advocacy. She serves as one of two Vermont representatives to the steering committee of the Consumer Liaison Group of ISO-NE, New England’s grid operator. She also writes at her blog Yes Vermont Yankee, is a guest writer for Energy Northwest and the American Nuclear Society blogs, and writes for Nuclear Engineering International Magazine in Britain. She received a President’s Citation award from the American Nuclear Society for her outreach work.

Notes from the Field, Week 20 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
September 12, 2017

The newest Atomic Report is up and available for your viewing pleasure. The team knocked another 2000+ doors this week, and made considerable progress on the grasstops component of our Ohio campaign.

Notes from the Field, Week 19 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
September 5, 2017

Good times at the Allen County Fair, new digital tools, and fresh ways to take action can all be found in this weeks field report.

Notes from the Field, Week 18 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
August 29, 2017

Another week at the County fair, and another week of door-knocking. Catch up on the week past with the most recent edition of our Atomic Report.

Faces of Nuclear - Heather Matteson

August 26, 2017

Heather Matteson is a nuclear plant operator and procedure writer at Diablo Canyon, co-founder of Mothers for Nuclear, and mother of a bright 8-year old girl named Zoe. She began working at Diablo Canyon 15 years ago, before she actually believed that nuclear was a clean energy source vital to our success against climate change. In 2016, after realizing that her job, community, and California’s

Notes from the Field, Week 17 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
August 21, 2017

The format for the field report has changed, as we continue to expand our digital and video content toolkit. We will now be bringing the majority of the content to you via video, with a summary of canvassing statistics as well. This video is distributed to stakeholders in the state and will hopefully serve as a more bite size and engaging way to promote activism and keep people informed about the state of our campaigns, and what they can do to help. Enjoy Generation Atomic's first Atomic Report.

Faces of Nuclear - Canon Bryan

Amelia Tiemann
August 17, 2017

Imagine taking a punch in the gut every day at work — then waking up each day excited to keep grinding away anyway. That’s how Canon Bryan, Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Terrestrial Energy, describes being a nuclear energy professional and advocate. Terrestrial Energy is a company developing a proprietary molten salt reactor that will be ready for deployment by the 2020s.

Notes from the Field, Week 16 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
August 16, 2017

Generation Atomic is making nuclear cool! The team hosted a plant tour and focus group with a Suzanne Jawoworski, Senior Adviser to Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, about what young people think about nuclear power and how to best inform them of the potential of our largest carbon free source of energy. The team also hosted a stakeholder meeting with a local representative, and continued to knock the cover off of the ball canvassing. See the full report here.

Notes from the Field, Week 15 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
August 8, 2017

Operations expanded into new legislative districts this week, realizing only a small dip in efficiency after the most efficient week of the expansion campaign. A field office was established in Freemont, and the team saw unprecedented participation from labor and plant workers. Gen A also hosted an event which attracted a target legislator and brought constituents and stakeholders together to have a conversation about Ohio nuclear. A long summer of doorknocking appears to be bearing fruit as we continue to facilitate the conversations needed to inform constituents and legislators on the issues at hand.

Notes from the Field, Week 14 - OH Expansion

Generation Atomic Team
August 2, 2017

Take a look at our progress in Ohio this week. The focus for the week was generating buzz for a large Think & Drink event in Akron, as well as continued operational improvement and community engagement. The Atomic Action app had increased engagement this week, and we have a new competition winner for the week.

Faces of Nuclear - Kristin Zaitz

Amelia Tiemann
July 27, 2017

Kristin Zaitz is mother to Oliver, 6, and Kate, 3. She is a civil engineer and project manager specializing in seismic analysis and design at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in San Luis Obispo, and is co-founder of Mothers for Nuclear. This week, she spoke on and facilitated multiple panels about leadership, activism, and advocating at the US Women In Nuclear Conference in San Francisco. The following is an excerpt from the Mother's for Nuclear website, and tells Kristen's story, in her own words.

US - SB 97

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Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act of 2017

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California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: emissions of greenhouse gases.

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