Notes from the Field, Week 4 - Sandusky, OH

As week 4 comes to a close we find ourselves at the peak of our organizing and canvassing game, but with a murkier legislative pathway to victory. On Thursday, hearings on the ZEN bill were suspended, despite sending nearly 1000 postcards to local representatives about the importance of the legislation to Ohio's jobs, schools, energy security, and environment. Next month we look to other regions of Ohio critical to keeping these two plants running.   Continue reading

Notes from the Field, Week 3 - Sandusky, OH

Week 3 is in the books and we continue gaining momentum.  It’s becoming clearer to everyone who hears about the issue the magnitude of the jobs and clean energy at stake.  Hopefully the legislators in Columbus will understand the gravity as well. Continue reading

Notes from the Field, Week 2 - Sandusky, OH

Week 2 is in the books, and morale remains high.  On a typical morning you can find three Gen A team members doing yoga, another making breakfast for the team, and two others poring over a map and hatching the plan for the day.  Make no mistake-- this work is hard, and we all know what’s at stake for this community and the environment if we can’t get the ZEN bill passed-- knowing this, and knowing that the guy across the street has your back makes the 7th hour of canvassing in 45 degrees and rain just a little easier. Here’s our second field report. Continue reading

Developer's Blog 1

Howdy folks, Welcome to the first edition of the Generation Atomic developer’s blog, our periodic update about our technology, smartphone app, and all things digital going on with Generation Atomic.  In these updates, we’ll be letting you know what’s in the development pipeline and soliciting feedback about features, additions and fixes. Download the app here. Continue reading

Notes from the Field, Week 1 - Sandusky, OH

Field Report - Sandusky, Ohio (Week 1: April 23-29) We have landed on the beachhead-- Ohio's 89th House District.  This legislative district is key to the passage of the ZEN (Zero Emissions Nuclear) Bill that would save both Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants from premature closure. Thousands of jobs, millions in school funding, and a full 90% of Ohio's clean energy hang in the balance, yet local Representative Steve Arndt has been waffling on his support for the measure.  We are here to change that. Our beds? Inflatable. Our furniture? Folding.  Our shoe soles? Already worn a bit thinner. One week out, here is our first weekly field report. Continue reading

Why Generation Atomic Isn't Marching

We didn’t march in today’s climate march, but for different reasons than you might think.  In the past 24 hours some have written posts asking people not to attend this year’s climate marches.  Michael Shellenberger correctly pointed out the hypocrisy of some of those in the climate movement for dedicating themselves to carbon reductions, while actively campaigning against our largest source of carbon free power.  Suzanne Hobbs Baker argued that while some objections to nuclear have merit, climate is not one of them, and excluding passionate pro-nuclear environmentalists is misguided. But the subtext to both articles is this: if others don’t agree with us, we shouldn’t engage with them.  This reminds me of the people that throw up their hands in disgust every two years and say, “They’re all a bunch of crooks, so hell no, I won’t vote.”  I think it’s pretty clear by now that non-participation from the moderates has only served to embolden the extremes.  And those in power certainly don’t see low voter turnout as some indictment on our democracy that must be remedied immediately.  So boycotting the climate march on principle? To what end? Continue reading