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Tay Stevenson

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Eric Meyer

Co-Founder and Program Director

Shane Cram

Data Manager

Sam Brewer

Technology Manager

Jon Landress

Campaign Manager

Grant Hasbrouck

Content Manager

Charlie Hansler

Senior Field Organizer


Daniel Curtis


Timothy Crook

Transatomic Power

Kristin Zaitz

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Aires Loumis

University of Illinois

Lenka Kollar

NuScale Power

Gene Grecheck

Former President, American Nuclear Society

Canon Bryan

Terrestrial Energy

Nicholas Thompson

Los Alamos National Laboratory


Malone, Brian

Chambers Zuke, Piper

Ibarra Jr., Victor

Nelson, Alexander

Keckler, Chris

Manoni, James

Dailing, John

Fallick, Ozzie

Brewer, Sam

Campbell, Brian

Campbell, Brian

Campbell, Brian