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Help give nuclear a presence at the 2017 Climate Talks in Bonn, Germany.  Donate to our crowdfunding campaign.




Energizing and empowering today's generation to advocate for a





Nuclear advocacy isn’t easy.

When we founded Generation Atomic (Gen A), a global opinion poll had approval of nuclear as a source of energy at 28% - two percent behind the burning of oil as a way to produce power. Many are working hard to improve the public’s perception of nuclear; these efforts are taking place both inside and outside the nuclear industry and mainly focus on direct lobbying, policy making, research, and paid or earned media. Generation Atomic is different. We intend to amplify and augment the nuclear advocacy efforts currently being made. Here’s how:


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We Focus on the Messenger.

Effective nuclear messaging already exists.  We frame it so the general public cares and can easily take action, tailoring messaging to local issues and clearly explaining their options


We Employ a Deep Canvassing Model. 

When our trained volunteers knock on doors, they allow potential supporters to “choose their own adventure” and learn about nuclear energy from the benefits that speak to them.


We Use Cutting Edge Technology.

For the first time, we are applying proven, cutting edge campaign technology to the cause of nuclear advocacy, allowing for a new level of activist engagement and mobilization.




Saving nuclear power? There's an app for that


Join the movement and earn points to win Generation Atomic gear, get your content featured, claim bragging rights, and earn internship opportunities.

SHARE: Post content to social media to get the word out to your network. Post meme's, share news, mobilize supporters, and do your part as a digital advocate, helping take the benefits of nuclear power viral.

LOBBY:  Contact your legislators directly about upcoming votes.  Tweet at your representatives and senators about upcoming legislation.  We'll keep you up to date with the status of bills both locally and nationally.
ADVOCATE: Access call lists, walk lists, scripts, and surveys to knock on doors and make calls to new supporters of nuclear. Earn points for signing up new supporters, spreading the message, and growing the movement. LEARN: Watch videos, play trivia, and read articles to learn about the issues surrounding nuclear power, and what you can do to help. Find and check in at events and workshops to help improve your advocacy skills.


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Our Team


We are a coalition of environmentalists, students, organizers, journalists, and nuclear engineers, and we're looking for help. Check out the links below to view our current openings, as well as meet the staff and board members who make this work possible.

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    Contribute to save nuclear power

    We need your help to keep Generation Atomic working towards its goal of saving nuclear energy, tens of thousands of jobs, the environment, and vital intellectual property. Because the stakes are so high, Generation Atomic accepts donations from any person or organization that supports our mission.

    By making a donation, you will receive a special donor newsletter and earn Atomic Points on the Atomic Action mobile app. All donations are tax deductible, and you can choose to make a contribution in up to 12 installments.

    We use Paypal, the industry standard in secure, online payment processing to manage all transactions.