Generation Atomic is a grassroots nonprofit defending our largest source of clean power:

Atomic Energy

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Our Goals:

Defending Today

Every time a reactor closes it results in staggering job losses and a huge increase in emissions. Together we can defend them.

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Deploying Tomorrow

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Advanced reactors can help solve many of our greatest challenges and usher in a new era of prosperity.

Who supports nuclear energy?

Environmental Leaders

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Local Leaders

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Tech Leaders

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Thousands of citizens are joining the movement. We've had countless conversations with stakeholders everywhere from county fairs in Ohio to UN climate conferences in Germany. With each one, we’re changing hearts and minds, building support for atomic energy, and moving people to take action for our future.


Doors Knocked




Direct Actions

Taylor's Officially Old and 'Atomic Winter' is Coming

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Six years after Fukushima, Japanese Policy Commission wants more nuclear energy

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Generation Atomic's Comment on the Recent NOPR

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Contact your US Senators to support NEIMA

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Help to #SaveDiabloCanyon

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Contact Ohio Legislators in Support of ZEN

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